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Why choose Sparsh Fertility Clinic

  • SPARSH IVF Clinic Moradabad is one the famous medical centre in Moradabad where highly specialized treatment is provided for infertility patients. We provide specialized treatment for the all types of Male factor Infertility (as infertility due to low sperm count, low motility and other semen abnormality & other male factor abnormalities. In female we provide treatment for  infertility in women due to disorder of ovulation (i.e. absent egg formation or absent release of ovum from in ovaries due to various hormones disorder as polycystic-ovarian disorder, thyroids disorder, high prolactin & other hormone related infertility in females. We are also specialized in treatment of  recurrent abortions due to various hormones disorders.

Sparsh IVF Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Dr.Singh. She is an excellent & best IVF surgeon. The whole experience was much better than I expected and the results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to have found her and his team to perform my IVF Treatment
    -Shyam, Bangalore

  • "The day I chose Dr.Singh's Moradabad IVF treatment I was happy. My happiness was greater when I met the doctor and his very professional team. And now, one year later, I am thrilled with my choice."
    -Deepak., Moradabad

  • In one word excellent, I entered with questions and skepticism and discharged with hope, The ambiance was very cordial and encouraging thanks to Dr Singh
    -Vinod Kumar., Moradabad

  • I just want to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with the procedure, Everyone in Moradabad IVF Treatment took great care of me. Doctor did a phenomenal job.
    -Sadiq., Kerala


IVF Lab Details

IVF Lab Set Up Equipments We are offering the IVF Lab Set Up Equipments such as Micro Manipulator System, CO2 Incubator, Ovum Aspiration Pump, Laminar Flow, Semen Warmer, Sperm Counting Chamber, Sterozoom Binocular & Trinocular Microscope, Centrifuge Microscope Machine and Positive Presurising Module & Air Handling Unit. These are available at the market leading price. These are made from high grade material..Readmore

IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common and most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women become pregnant. The procedure involves fertilizing an egg outside the body, in alaboratory dish, and then implanting it in a woman's uterus. Readmore

IVF Procedure

When a couple conceives naturally, sperm from the man and the egg from the woman meet in the woman’s fallopian tubes. These are the tubes that join the ovaries to the uterus (womb). One sperm penetrates the egg and fertilises it. In IVF, this process of fertilisation happens outside the woman’s body. A woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilised in a laboratory using sperm that has been given as a sperm sample. Next, the fertilised egg, called an embryo, is surgically implanted into the woman's womb. Typically, one cycle of IVF takes between four and seven weeks. Readmore

Assisted Hatching

The hair is taken from the neck or sides, seeing as these areas rarely loose their hair. This is due to the fact that the 5-alpha reductase typeReadmore

prp surgery

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP Hair Restoration Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is Regenerative Medicine that harnesses the power of your own body's Growth Factors.readmore

Hair Restoration (Baldness Treatment)

One of the technique where Dr.Rajesh totally belives to increase a success rate by Graft survival.Readmore

From 2007 Taken over Effectively by Dr Poonam Singh, Who undergone variousTraining all over India and Joined Dr Murugesan under his able guidance he has completed nearly 280 IVF Treatment in Past 4 Years. .


Dr. Poonam Singh
M.B.B.S., M.S. (Obs. & Gynae.)
I.V.F. Specialist(Australia Trained)
Fellow Ship in
IVF/ICSI (Singapore)

(A-107 ,Lajpat Nagar Moradabad

ph:0591-2493025 Mob:9719110234 ).

Email: info@sparshivf.com